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The main thing which people are aware of at the beginning of a bankruptcy filing is the automatic stay. Many people don’t’ realize that when you come to our office and provide us with information about your case, we can quickly file what is called a bankruptcy petition with the bankruptcy court. After this happens, in either filing a Chapter 7 or a chapter 13, the court orders this “automatic stay,” which bars creditors from contacting you in any way.

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The automatic stay is essentially a tool that provides you with immediate financial relief. It can help you regain your sanity because debt collectors are no longer allowed to call you or contact you in any way. The bankruptcy court or trustee provides written notice directly to the creditors of the automatic stay. They will mail this to each of the various creditors that you have provided on your bankruptcy petition which we prepare and file for you with the court.

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Once they have received this Notice, Creditors, Collectors MAY NOT CONTACT YOU. Amen to Collections Calls! This is because all actions such as collections, lawsuits, and foreclosures, repossessions must stop. That is the beauty of filing for bankruptcy protection. After they have been notified of this petition and the bankruptcy filing, the creditors can simply be told if they call you that they will need to talk with your lawyer.