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During the few minutes we speak on a brief call, we can decide together if you should come in for a free case consultation. During this time, our conversation can help us both learn more about what options are best suited for your situation. I will provide you with the kind of guidance regarding the best options to get you out of piles of debt, while keeping your assets that are protected from liquidation.

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To find out whether you are a person who will qualify for filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or to file Chapter 13, the Bankruptcy Court considers some of the following things:

  • Your Income
  • Your Expenses
  • The Amount of Your Debts
  • The Kind of Debt Which You Have
  • Your Cost of Living Specific to Your Area of DFW
  • Your Disposable Income (which is essentially what is left over after paying your expenses.)

Generally, with bankruptcy cases, the Bankruptcy Court does not usually require written and verified documentation regarding income, expenses and assets. However, if you have this information, it can serve to verify and strengthen your situation. Additionally, it is something that the court reserves the right to request when they deem necessary.

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Because of the types of documents that would be required to show income and expenses, this would make the process of filing and receiving approval for bankruptcy into a very complex process, and generally the judges and trustees don’t care for that necessarily. This is particularly true if a person is trying to deal with a bankruptcy in the absence of having legal help of a professional nature such as hiring us as your DFW bankruptcy attorney.