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In just a manner of minutes, Denton bankruptcy lawyer Richard Weaver can help you decide what is the best option to get you financial relief. We do phone consultation for bankruptcy or we can invite you into the office for your free case review. During our conversation, we can provide you information about options that are best for your unique situation.

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Bankruptcy Gives Real Relief

Through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the attorney can represent you in order to help you receive real relief. Maybe you have questions… such as whether you can keep your car or your home in bankruptcy. We can provide you with the answers to these questions, and certainly you will learn that through bankruptcy you can be protected financially in order to keep your home and keep your car.

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We Can Make Bankruptcy Simple

Depending on your circumstances, our team can help you to protect your home from foreclosure if you’re worried about your home. Additionally, you can quickly receive relief from harassment by creditors. Through chapter 13 bankruptcy, you also have the ability to pay back secured creditors like your home mortgage, while discharging all or most of your unsecured debts at the the same time. What that means is that through bankruptcy, you will end up keeping your home and paying to get your home back up to date, but at the same time you can discharge and eliminate your medical bills, credit cards, payday loans, and more.