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It’s important to realize that when you provide accurate information to us as your bankruptcy firm, (should we take your case and you want to hire us,) this will provide us with the best picture of your situation so that we can provide the most excellent service to you. For example, as qualified and experienced Fort Worth bankruptcy lawyers, we take this information after we receive it, and discuss with you about options that are the most pertinent and advantageous in your particular set of circumstances.

CHAPTER 13 Bankruptcy Consultation

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For example, if you want to keep your home, chapter 13 bankruptcy is a great option. For those without a home that they’re trying to protect from foreclosure, or if they simply will not be able to continue making the mortgage payments anyway, chapter 7 bankruptcy could be more appropriate so that you can maximize the amount of debts which you’re able to discharge and maximize the assets which you can keep such as through exemptions of cash in a bank account or family heirlooms like wedding rings.

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Remember that we should also be informed of judgments or on-going litigation or any type of bank garnishments,  or IRS wage garnishments. This will provide us with information so that we can beset provide you legal advice specific to your situation. We can call these types of creditors right away after we file in order to immediately notify them that they are to stop these lawsuits in their tracks.

Filing Bankruptcy Stops Lawsuits

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Filing your bankruptcy petition with the court allows us to get an automatic stay on all litigation. This means it stops all lawsuits, all garnishments, and also halts attachments or other methods where the creditor or litigant could attempt to take your assets or other property. In just a couple days of filing your bankruptcy case, the Bankruptcy Court mails legal notice regarding your bankruptcy to each creditor listed on your petition, ordering them that they are to stop any and all legal actions, all collections efforts, and any other contact with you.